Monday, January 23, 2012

Gulley Flees AUK

In a dramatic, and unexpected announcement, Emmett Gulley has announced that he will no longer post to alt.usenet.kooks, but instead to  Faux News is reporting that Mr. Gulley was so upset at not winning 100% of the votes in the recent Kook of the Year balloting that he no longer wishes to perform for those who do not appreciate his talents.

Well, folks, it appears Faux News was wrong again.  Emmett Gulley's self-imposed exile lasted about three hours.  He's back in alt.usenet.kooks, blazing away.  As Entertainment Tonight has reported, his exile was probably just another publicity stunt organized by his manager, Rusty 'AUK Grand Wizard' Tavek.

In other news, Google Groups indicates that the current number of posts to alt.usenet.kooks is the most since January 2011.  With more than a week left in the month, AUK is on track to hit the magic 10,000 post mark for the first time since May 2009.


  1. the group was better when tavek posted

  2. Without a doubt. Thanks for your anonymous comment, Mr. Tavek.