Sunday, January 22, 2012

Random AUK News

Voting for Kook of the Year is set to end in about four hours.

Nominations for the January AUK Awards are still being accepted, with voting scheduled to start February 1st. We have a full slate for this,  the first ballot in almost three years.

Several Usenet vets, MIA for quite a while, have been spotted in AUK recently, among them Snarky, Bookman, and Knoxy.  PJR aso put in a rare appearance.

On a sad note, it is reported by Jeff Relf and The Saucerheads that the mothership has finally come to take Charles D. Bohne home.  I'm sure Darla was on board to greet Mr. Bohne, winner of many awards over the years. RIP, Mr. Bohne.

Emmett Gulley, enemy of free speech, has given me until 19:35 CST to take this blog down, or he will get a court order to have my blog taken down.

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