Friday, February 3, 2012

AUK Post Count for January 2012

According to Giggle Gropes, alt.usenet.kooks ended January with a post count of 10,367, the most posts in AUK in January since 2008, and the most posts in any month since May 2009.

The voting continues for the January 2012 awards, with Emmett Gulley leading in most categories, as expected, due to the diligent efforts of his manager Rusty 'Grand Wizard' Tavek.  However, there is increasing evidence that Gulley, unable to take the heat, is retreating to Facebook, where the ' Fat Bitches' are kicking his ass.  Take note of:

The Truth About Emmett Gulley maintained by Gulley

and a new page to rebut Gulley:

The Truth About Emmett Earl Gulley Jr maintained by the 'fat bitches'

The saga continues...

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