Friday, February 10, 2012

Proposal: A Pardon For Miguel

It has been formally proposed by the new owner of DataBasix that "miguel" be pardoned for any crimes, real or imagined, that he committed against Fluffy, The Cabal (tinc), and representatives of The Cabal.  This formal proposal was seconded by FNVWE Peter J. Ross.  This proposal appears to have the support of many in alt.usenet.kooks.

I.  The Facts

1) Miguel won the Kook of the Month Award for March 2007
2) Miguel received 18 votes, Nightbat 13 votes, neither of the above 3  
    votes, indicating that nearly 50% of the voters did not consider
    miguel worthy of KotM honors
3) Many of those who voted for miguel as KotM now say that he deserves
    to be pardoned
4) miguel posted RL info (a very serious offense)
5) miguel mocked the FNVW (a serious offense)
6) miguel mocked the awards process (a serious offense)
7) kookologists posted RL info about miguel (a serious offense)
8) since winning KotM miguel has engaged in Diamond Hammer of Thor
    worthy activities by standing his ground against Atlas Buggered
9) miguel has since apologized for his sins

II. The case for pardoning miguel

1) Many kookologists, including a FNVWE,  who voted to award miguel
    KotM for March 2007, now support a pardon
2) Precedent exists for pardoning a KotM winner.  See Beckwith and SP
3) This FNVW, on assuming the position...<ahem>...upon becoming FNVW
    stated that my goal was rehabilitation and repentance of kooks,
    bringing them back to Fluffy, if you will
4) Charlotte L Blackmer: "The Migs awards flurry in the spring of 2007
     always seemed like a feeding frenzy to me. There was a lot of bad
     behavior ON ALL SIDES.   I present the infamous Google-stacking  
     episode as Exhibit A. People who should have known better also
     apparently took all the information  provided by Migs' obsesso
     fanboi Wonderbra Chaney at face value, not stopping to think
     that, hey, Wonderbra is a real-lifing outer-filthing net.kook of
     long standing. I know that some of the people who participated in
     that realize now that it was not their finest shining hour and
     looked in the mirror andsaid "I fucked up, but I'm better now."
5) Peter J Ross: "... the Bugfuck Kooksuit is the most exciting
    law-related event on Usenet since Helena Kobrin tried to have
    alt.religion.scientology removed from the world's news-servers.
    The people who spanked Kobrin were rewarded by AUK - so
    why not reward the people who spanked Bugfuck?
6) Steve Leyland, net.legend, in March 2007: "can somewon pleace poast
    a lits of which wons are teh kooks and which are teh
    kookologists?" <etnop5$atv$>
 7) Jade, net.legend, posted this in March 2007:

"I would like to humbly submit to you
and AUK a nomination for the golden killfile, not of a kook, troll or
any other individual, but for a group of threads that constitute an
incident. This ongoing melodrama involves many individuals whom I
respect and call friends, but who have fallen under the dark cloud of
its most irritating spell. It has crossed the lines of kookology and
gone on to become, personal and serious, the two worst kinds of black
magic on usenet. Most of all, it has become dismally boring. Evinced
by the obvious enjoyment of the most boring k00ks. I, for one count
myself as a woman who damn well deserves to be entertained at all
With no respect to singling out any individual participant, I nominate
the whole boring plot, the dimestore novel I would have put down after
ten pages, the movie I would have walked out on, for recognition as
belonging in the golden killfile.
I nominate the collection of threads known as "AUK vs. Miguel"
May they fade into obscurity and be forgotten." -- Jade

8)miguel has apologized for his part in the events of 2007

III. The case for not pardoning miguel

No arguments have been presented to oppose miguel's pardon

Please feel free to comment.  I'll hand down my ruling later today.

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