Wednesday, March 28, 2012

AUK Holiday Friday, March 30th

Commemorating the earliest, most virulent K00k post flood of Usenet, and the great flame war that ensued.

From David B. DeLaney's NetLegends:

"Dick Depew (ARMM! ARMM!! ARMM!!!):
Long-lost twin brother of the intelligent and articulate Ray Depew, who is not paying me one cent for those adjectives (AFU Official Ex-Executioner: *no* smileys!). Showed up first in the sci.* hierarchy, later became most common on news.* . Interestingly enough, as near as I can tell, the original set of cancels that he did affected exactly *two*posts - both of which had dared to come from in the sci.* hierarchy... much to his surprise,something of a furor arose over these,which was prolonged unmercifully by his defense of his actions. Notable chiefly for his long and vocal insistence that his plan ARMM) for moderation by forge-cancellation of people's pos(RetroModeration, or RM), possibly without their permission, is a valid,necessary, and logicaladdition to UseNet. Version one malfunctioned when tested (3/30/93), causing a massive newspost/cancel loop (it was cancelling its own cancels, as near as I can make out) which caused general hystericallaughter from those who knew what was going on, as well as the usual
predictions of the imminent death of UseNet (q.v.). Briefly espoused a "tit-for-two-tats" version. As it turns out, the net is actually threatened in various manners by several different things (not the leastof which is its own ever-increasing growth), but anonymous postings and/or the accountability thereof generally are not among the subjects people post "Death of Usenet predicted" (q.v.) messages about these days..."

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