Saturday, March 17, 2012

AUK Post Count February 2012

According to Giggle Gropes, the alt.usenet.kooks post count for February 2012 is 11,613 posts, the most posts since December 2008, and the most posts in February since February 2008.  Contributing to this post count are the 1231 squiggles teh %Dave Asswurm posts, representing 10.6% of posts in February 2012.

Also, Giggle Gropes has revised the total of posts in alt.usenet.kooks for January 2012 down to 9927 from 10,367.  Even so, this revised count indicates the most posts since May 2009, and the most posts in January since January 2008.  Squiggles %Dave teh AssWurm recorded 525 posts in January, or 5.3% of total posts.  It appears Google excluded Dave's blank posts from the tally.

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  1. Excellent work %, congratulations on all your efforts at keeping AUK vibrant and interesting.