Saturday, March 31, 2012

Dolf Boek Returns!

Yes, boys and girls, men and women, Dolf Boek has made his triumphal return to alt.usenet.kooks, dropping 500 line screedbombs across the virtual landscape.  The same Dolf  'Qolon' Boek who is the proud owner of these AUK awards:

  • 72 Raisins Crackpot Religion Award January 2006
  • Unabomber Surprise March 2006
  • Tony Sidaway Memorial Drama Queen Award April 2006
  • Goofy Azzed Babboon December 2007
Welcome back, Dolf!  Perhaps the Grand Wizard will add you to his stable of fine kooks!


  1. Hahaha... was looking up an old post back in 2001 and recalled this Dolf Boek clown who was trolling my posts back then... the way he was following me around he had to be gay.... yup... 500 line screed lines... that's the guy... LOL!

  2. He's the same in real life. I used to work with him, and he was a clichéd attention-seeker even then. If anyone but him got praise or attention, he'd launch a campaign of smears and lies against them behind closed doors, and go out of his way to ridicule them (in front of them but to other people), until he'd obliterated their standing in the company. Then he'd turn to his next target. He's a sicko. Unfortunately, he's also smart (in a rat-cunning kind of way).

  3. He has recently come to the attention of ASIO and several other agencies.
    Word is getting out who and where he is.

  4. New News - he tried to assault someone in the street and came out of it worse off.

  5. He's all over aus.politics again.