Friday, March 23, 2012

Mark "Polish Knight" Sobolewski

From David B DeLaney's NetLegends :

"Mark "We must colonize Venus right NOW!" Sobolewski:
Contrib. post: from (where I only lurked, never posted) who is said to
frequent groups such as alt.feminism and, spouting non-stop that men have
it a lot worse than women in this society and how women is always trying to
exploit him;
mark's most charming habit in soc.women and alt.feminism
is his creative definition of the word "feminist."  if
you try to argue with him by pointing out that you are a
feminist and you don't do [whatever thing he's accusing
feminists of this week], he simply claims that you're NOT
a feminist. at one point, he claimed that his definition of a feminist
was "a woman who makes more than $20K/year."  inexplicable. but i don't think he really qualifies as a net.loon.  he's more of a net.butthead."

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