Tuesday, March 13, 2012

One Hit Wonders

Abian, Alexander PhD
Victor Von Frankenstein Weird Science Award September 1999

Born:  January 1, 1923 Tabriz, Iran Died:  July 1999
Education: Undergraduate degree in Iran
Masters degree University of Chicago 
Ph.D. University of Cincinnati (1956)
Taught at:  Iowa State (beginning 1967)
Claim to fame: Dr. Abian believed blowing up the moon would solve a multitude of 
problems.  The seasons would be eliminated, making inclement weather a thing of the past.
He posted this exciting new theory to Usenet and in the campus newspaper.  
That the scientists at NASA were laughing at him did not faze Dr. Abian.  He is quoted in 
The Washington Post as saying, "Those critics who say 'Dismiss Abian's ideas' are very 
close to those who dismissed Galileo." 

Dr. Abian's website: 

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