Friday, March 30, 2012

Squiggle Bot Report For March, 2012

According to Giggle Gropes, 11,462 posts have appeared in alt.usenet.kooks as of 20:20 CDT, March 30, 2012.  Of those posts, 1584 have been posted by persent aka %Dave squiggle the AssWurm, representing 13.8% of all posts to AUK in March.

Statistics gathered by my patented squigglebot indicate that of those 1584 posts:

703 posts were blank, no content, or 44.4% of all squiggle posts
260 posts consisted of the line "if that's what you want to believe" or 16.4%
202 posts consisted of the word "yay", or 12.8%
186 posts consisted of the abbreviation "LOL", or 11.7%
166 posts consisted of the word "hi", or 10.4 %

The above five categories account for 95.7% of all squiggle posts to alt.usenet.kooks in the month of March, year of 2012.  This is sufficient evidence for me to leave %Dave in my killfile until I kick the bucket, or Usenet goes tits up, whichever comes first.  My patented squiqqlebot is hereby retired.  Job well done, bot.

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