Monday, March 19, 2012

WINNER! Kook of the Decade 2000-2009

The ballots have been counted, so the time has come to announce the winner of the Kook of the Decade Award for 2000-2009.  Col. Jake, if you will have The Velvet Knights start the bagpipes wailing, and keep them wailing as this will be short and sweet.

The winner is ... PAMELA K RUSSELL!!!1!

7 votes...Pamela K. Russell
6 votes...Emmett Gulley
4 votes...Raymond Karczewski
1 vote ...Jamie Baille
1 vote ...Honest John
1 vote ...Matthew Moulton
1 vote ...Joseph Bartlo
1 vote ...Steve "Bowtie" Young
1 vote ...Chuck Lysaght
1 vote ...Pete "Staplehead" Stapleton

Congratulations, sPamela!  It was close, but you managed to out-kook Emmett Gulley to win this prestigious award.  You are as a shining beacon, illuminating the path a true kook must follow to attain the heights of kookdom!

Ninety-one ballots were received.  An impressive number, but unfortunately only twenty-six ballots were deemed valid.  Naughty, naughty socks!

Until next time, Hail Fluffy!  Hail Ming!  And Hail Pam Russell, for she hace mucho kooky grateness!


  1. Man, do I wish I had found this blog a few weeks ago!!

    How in hell did Doc Chung's 2006-07 spectacular ko0kery get forgotten so quickly?

    1. Amazing, isn't it? Equally amazing is the fact that Alexa Cameron didn't receive any votes, either. Thanks for the comment!