Monday, April 23, 2012

23 April: This Day In AUK History

April 23, 1997

Major Margaret Houlihan BsD nominated Bruce Daniel Kettler for Kook of the Month. Jon 'Big Dave' Walsh seconded the nomination.  Walsh describes Kettler as being like Earl Curley "...except a lot dumber, and not as mean.  He is convinced that an evil cult is after him, and that this cult is composed of computer generated enemies."  FNVW Matt Legare accepted the nomination, and Kettler appeared on the May 1997 ballot.  Kettler won in a landslide, receiving 32 votes to William Grosvenor's 9 votes.  Other KotM candidates on the ballot were Scott Nudds (3 votes), William Mullin (1 vote), and "touri" who received no votes.  Another AUK mystery.  Could "touri" have been the legendary Dr. Turi?

UPDATE: Reliable sources (Baron Lurk) confirm that "touri" was indeed Dr. Louis Turi.  AUK mystery solved.

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