Wednesday, April 25, 2012

25 April: This Day In AUK History

25 April 1994

Craig Dickson made the first official nomination for Kook of the Month.  Craig, who would become AUK's first Vote Wrangler, nominated Mark 'Mensabot' Line.  Mensabot was a regular poster in who was engaged in a (f)lame war with the posters in alt.religion.kibology.  Mr. Line, who was not a member of Mensa, was upset with the Kibologist's habit of crossposting to

Dickson described Line as a "rabid poodle" whose posts were "consistently brain-damaged, vitriolic, and crude."  Mensabot's favorite word was dipshit, a word he used in nearly every post.  Dickson also described Line as "a hybrid of the worst characteristics of Robert McElwaine and Daniel J. Karnes...utterly deranged and malevolent."

Mark Line's crimes included mailbombing, netKKKoping, writing letters to the employers of posters he disagreed with, and making real-life threats.  According to Dickson, this was similar to the online behavior of L. Detweiler and Valeri Fabrikant.  Mensabot went on to become AUK's first Kook of the Month, April 1994.

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