Friday, April 27, 2012

27 April: This Day In Auk History

27 April 1997

Dave nominated Scott Nudds of comp.lang.* for Kook of the Month.  The second was provided by Stephan Wilms.  According to FNVW Matt Legare, Nudds was "...waging a one-man struggle against the forces of evil ...programmers who like the "C" programming language."  When the dust had settled and the votes had been counted, Scott ended up in third place, receiving three votes.  The winner of KotM for May 1997 was Bruce Daniel Kettler, who received 32 votes.  William Grosvenor was second in the balloting with 9 votes, Nudds with 3 votes, William Mullin with 1 vote, and "touri" (Louis Turi) brought up the rear with 0 (zero) votes.

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