Saturday, April 28, 2012

28 April: This Day In AUK History

28 April 2005

Kevin Cannon nominated Daryl Hunt for Clueless Newbie of the Month.  The nomination was seconded by Ross.  In the balloting Hunt came in a distant third, barely beating "none of the above."  Vito Kuhn was the  winner, with 28 votes, the Pedos of received 22 votes, Hunt 4 votes, and "none of the above" received 2 votes.  Daryl Hunt later won Kook of the Month for August 2006.

And now, a blast from the past:

"So your familiar with the area then huh? 
Live around here? 
Come see me this week honey. 
Like to share a few thoughts with you in person. 
While holding a shotgun loaded with double oh buck." Richard Bullis invites Sharon B for a friendly chat. April 1999 <7g2l2g$nda$>

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