Saturday, April 21, 2012

April 21: This Day In AUK History

April 21, 2000

J Calhoun nominated Nancy Luft, an alt.conspiracy poster and WebTV user, for Kook of the Month.  Ms Luft believed, and still may believe, that the Russians were coming to nuke the USA.

 "The Special Sputniks Forces of the Russian Military are sending me ESP, thoughts, via their sputnik lasers to say, "WE WILL SOON NUKE THE USA IN AN UTTERLY ONE SIDED NUCLEAR WAR!" 

"After having Rockefellers' RIGHT WING Rich Man's Mafia after me for all of my 57 years of life, I can not anger with the fact that the USA is far too corrupt to rule itself, because that is the TRUTH!"

This was by no means Nancy Luft's first shot at AUK glory.  In January 2000, Wotan nominated her for KotM. The nomination was seconded by Jason Crowell, who also nominated Nancy for the Looney Maroon Award in January. Oddly enough, Nancy did not appear on the ballot for the January or April 2000 kook awards.  Due to the borked nature of the GG archive and Phoenix (FNVW at the time) using XNA, I was unable to find a reason for her exclusion from the ballot.  Perhaps Cujo knows.  He has a memory like an elephant.

Nancy Luft is still posting her rants to talk.politics.guns and alt conspiracy.  To date she has never won an alt.usenet.kooks award.  One of her websites:

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