Tuesday, April 17, 2012

AUK Post Count, March 2012

It looks like Google Groups has finished revising the alt.usenet.kooks post count for March, 2012.  The official number is 11,318, the most March posts since 2008, and the fifth highest AUK post count in history.  The February 2012 post count was the 6th highest in AUK history.  Now, who was it saying AUK was dead, a smoldering crater?  Bwahaha etc.

According to GG, the post count for AUK so far this month is already the 12th highest in history.  The number to beat for best April ever is 27,130, set in April 2007, followed by 25,372, set in April 2006.  Those numbers will more than likely never be surpassed, unless squiggle teh AssWurm steps up his game.

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