Sunday, April 1, 2012

A Full Pardon For Greg Hall

I propose that Greg Neal Warren Hall be pardoned for all crimes, real or imagined, committed against the Cabal (tinc), Fluffy and the ladies of alt.usenet.kooks.  There are three (3) conditions attached to this pardon:

1. Greg Neal Warren Hall must admit that he sent the anonymous post that triggered the Novins lawsuit.
2. Greg Neal Warren Hall abandon his practice of forging and frogging other Usenet posters.
3. Greg Neal Warren Hall must issue a sincere apology to the ladies of alt.usenet.kooks, asking their forgiveness for his rude and misogynistic posts.

The above admission, repudiation, and apology must be posted to alt.usenet.kooks no later than 23:59 Sunday, April 1, 2012 for the pardon to take effect.  If Greg Neal Warren Hall accepts these conditions, his name will be removed from the list of award winners.  In addition, Greg Neal Warren Hall will be declared ineligible for further alt.usenet.kooks awards.


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