Sunday, April 22, 2012

The PF Chang's Debacle

In place of my usual This Day In AUK History post, I'm going to post what should have been the April 19th This Day In AUK History post.

Occasionally in alt.usenet.kooks someone will reference PF Chang's and crab wontons.  For those who don't get the reference, Cujo DeSockpuppet has kindly consented to tell the tale of The PF Chang's Debacle and the story behind the creation of the Tony Sidaway Drama Queen Award.

The PF Chang's debacle.
by Cujo DeSockpuppet

This occurred on April 19th, 2000 when Anonym, who had flamed Edmo to an extra-crispy kook for a few years, was in San Diego to partake in the famed diving areas in La Jolla. As it turned out he was staying at a hotel on La Jolla Village Drive which was next to the PF Chang's. He invited Cujo to lunch on the 19th via a Usenet post in alt.astrology. That this also happened to be around the corner from the Hovel of the Pantyhead was a happy coincidence. 

Edmo decided to invite himself to lunch. He threatened to bring a police escort as he claimed he had a warrant already sworn out for Anonym as well. Of course, our favorite Pantyhead never showed. He later invited Anonym (and Cujo) to his apartment so he could perform a citizens arrest and drag Anonym to jail "by force, if necessary". This led to many further replies, the best of which was that if Ed laid a hand on Anonym, he'd decorate his walls with red stucco. A later check of Edmo's posts at the time indicated that Pantyhead was in fact many miles away hiding at SDSU. A check with the SD police department revealed that no warrants existed except in the imagination of Edmo. 

Among the food consumed at the lunch were PF Chang's Crab Wontons, which became a source of a few punchlines at Edmo's expense. Also notable was the later kooky claim by Pantyhead that PF Chang's had gone out of business already. This was typical of Edmo's denial of reality. In fact, the Chang's on La Jolla Village Drive had opened in 1997 and is still open. It does a thriving business as it's near many office complexes in the University Towne Center section of San Diego. It's striking architecture is also hard to mistake for any other restaurant. 

This also brought out Tony "Sherilyn" Sidaway, a noted and infamous troll, for a 20 month frothing over his claims of stalking based on what turned out to be a rather personal definition. Tony went completely overboard over the next 20 months and at one point defined the lunch that Edmo invited himself as stalking by Anonym. This brought much ridicule when it was shown that a lovely poster known as Jfred had visited London with her husband and Tony had invited them to have lunch with them. Tony was trolled for many months over this definition and promptly disappeared from much of Usenet at that point. He later went to troll over at Wikipedia where his hysterics were dealt with very sternly and with much ridicule at Tony's expense. Thus when the AUK Drama Queen award was later created, Tony's name was deservedly attached to it as a role model for future kooks to emulate.

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