Friday, April 20, 2012

This Day In Auk History

April 20, 2004

Charlotte L. Blackmer nominated Alan Connor for Clueless Newbie of the Month, April 2004.  Alan Connor claimed Seth Breidbart (of Breidbart Index fame) knew nothing about spam.  Usenet spam, that is, not the pseudo-food.

The nomination was seconded by Sam, a regular in  Both Charlotte and Sam are still active Usenet participants.  Alan Connor did not win Clueless Newbie of the Month, due to being  pitted against legendary and award-winning pizzaboy Russell B. Waters.  In the balloting, Waters received 15 votes, Connor 10 votes. none of the above 6 votes.  Alan Connor finally managed to win this prestigious award four years later, in March 2008.

Also on this date in 2004, Aratzio nominated Uni (affectionately known as UniTard) for Order of the Holey Sockpuppet.  Cujo DeSockpuppet seconded.  Aratzio and Cujo are still active in AUK.  Uni ended up sharing the award with another legendary and award-winning kook, Chuck Lysaght.  Both received 18 yes votes.

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