Friday, April 6, 2012

Who Will Win...

The coveted Edmond Wollman Memorial Rubber Turkey this Easter Weekend?

Edmond Wollmann Memorial Rubber Turkey

Named in honour of the greatest of all Christmas Day kook-outs, this award honours those who would rather spend public holidays frothing continously on Usenet than risk contact with human beings in real life.  

Past Easter winners include Chuck Lysaght, Dr. Andrew Chung and Duke the American-American.  Vegas odds-makers favor Greg Hall and his Sock-o-Rama Circus.  Greg is foaming mightily on this Good Friday.  However, Edmond Wollman has consulted his charts and is predicting  a surprise win by Greegor "Rock Hard Stupid.

Dr. Turi is expected to make his prediction, from the grave, on Monday.

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