Friday, April 6, 2012


Alt.usenet.kooks was newgrouped on 20 December 1993.  Among the first net.kooks to be discussed was Dave 'Yads' Yadallee.  Yes, the same Yads who won Clueless Newbie of the Month for June 2008, and the same Yads who has appeared on the first three ballots of 2012.  On 22 December 1993 (AUK was only two days old), this post appeared in alt.usenet.kooks:

From: (Mecha Mike)
Subject: Yadallee!
Message-ID: <>
Date: Wed, 22 Dec 1993 14:31:20 GMT
One simply can't have a Usenet kooks list without including that bane of rec.arts.drwho, Dave Sharif Yadallee. Here is a guy who a) tries to link Dr. Who and British politics together, b) is convinced that Thatcher's government had it in for the show, c) complains bitterly that some former stars of the show were being taken advantage of when they posed nude for some mag a number of years back, and d) is an incoherent son-of-a-sod. The hate that rails up every time this guys posts is a sight to behold. And, 
 O, joy of joys, I live in the same city as this clown! 
Yads, we here in AUK are extremely proud that you are finally getting the recognition you deserve.  I'm also sure your fellow posters in rec.arts.drwho and edm.general agree.

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