Saturday, July 28, 2012

Impeachment! [Tor] Phoenix

Since this is an impeachment thread, and there haven't been enough of them
for anybody to get into the swing of it, here are a few rules.

The victim of impeachment shall be deemed to be impeached unless

 a) Somebody whose opinion I respect disagrees.
 b) Somebody whose opinion I respect disagrees.
There is a tradition of highly elaborate impeachment nominations, such as have previously been made by Phoenix and PJR, but I don't think [Tard] Phoenix aka Friendly Neighborhood Vote Wrangler {One of Three} aka Alien aka Mittens the Anonypussy deserves anything clever or elaborate. I think he should be thrown into the Galactic Killfile and declared ineligible to win any kook awards ever again, on the grounds that he's as lame as you've all just observed him to be.

The charges:

  1. Posting the real life info of other Usenet posters. This kook is so obsessed he outed Pandora's cats. His lame excuse is, "But mommy, they did it first!"
  2. Lameness greater than that of squiggle teh AssWourm.
  3. Stupidity more profound than that of Cockbrain
  4. Extreme cowardice when confronted by truth, resorting to IKYABWAI lames.
  5. Impersonating the true FNVW
If anyone disagrees, now is the time to do it. [Tard] will appear on the 
July 2012 ballot, but from August 1, 2012 on he is declared non-existent.

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