Thursday, August 30, 2012

30 August: This Day In AUK History

30 August 1999

Rusty Martin nominated Douglas Grant for the Looney Maroon Award.  John Harkness provided the second.  Doogie would go on to win the Looney Maroon Award for September, 1999.  The nomination thread is here:

Doogie had already won Kook of the Month for December 1998, and would go on to win many other awards.  Doogie Grant was so fond of practicing historical revisionism that an award for revisionism was created in his (dis)honor, The Douglas Grant Medal For Historical Revisionism.  Doogie was, of course, the first winner of this award.  The complete list of awards won by Douglas Grant:

  • Kook of the Month December 1998
  • Looney Maroon Award September 1999
  • Looney Maroon Award April 2001
  • Unabomber Surprise February 2006
  • Busted Urinal Award May 2007
  • Douglas Grant Medal For Historical Revisionism December 2007
  • Kook of the Year 2008
  • Tony Sidaway Memorial Drama Queen Award April 2008
  • Balsa Gavel April 2008
  • Bolo Bullis Foam Duck May 2008
  • Golden Killfile December 2008

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