Monday, December 3, 2012

December 2012 Nominations

Bob Allisat Memorial Hook, Line & Sinker

[Tard] Penix, AUK PegBoi  Nominated by Account Banned.  Second: Checkmate

Barbara Woodhouse Memorial Dog-Whistle Award

Emmett Gulley, trained by Gary Burnore.  Nomination: Sweetness.  Second: Account Banned
Paul Derbyshire, trained by Account Banned.  Nomination: Checkmate.  Second: China Bleu

Richard M. Nixon Memorial Pathological Liar Award

[Tard] Penix aka Alien.  Nominated by: Checkmate.  Second: Gary Burnore
Lady Pilot aka Ms. Kitty. Nominated by Sweetness.  Second: Sn!pe, Gary Burnore, Cujo

Emmett Gulley Obsesso Award

Lady Pilot aka Ms. Kitty Nominated by Albatross. Second: Sweetness

Office of Darth Bawl 

[Tard] Penix.  Nominated by Account Banned.  Second: Checkmate

Pierre Salinger Memorial Hook, Line & Sinker

Fred Hall, domain name troll of [Tard] Penix. Nomination: Account Banned. Second: Checkmate

Hammer of Thor

Account Banned.  Nominated by Sweetness.  Second: Sn!pe

Saturday, December 1, 2012

Vote! Usenet Kook Awards, November 2012

Here follows the one true ballot for the November 2012 Usenet Kook awards. 
Anybody may vote, but your votes may be disqualified, mocked, burnt, 
shredded and/or recycled for use as toilet paper at the Vote Wrangler's 
discretion if: 

  * you are a previous winner of Kook of the Month or the Bobo Award
  * you are a resident of the Galactic Killfile
  * you attempt to vote twice
  * you vote anonymously or with an unidentifiable sockpuppet
  * you vote for or against yourself
  * you vote in a thread other than this one
  * you vote in a newsgroup other than AUK without crossposting to AUK
  * you follow up to an incomplete or altered version of the ballot
  * you have officially been declared non-existent 
Crossposting the complete, unaltered ballot is permitted. You have until
00:01 GMT on December 10th to cast your votes. Vote wisely; next time the
candidate might be *you*. 


It is permissible to abstain in a category.  If you are unfamiliar with the nominee, it is best to abstain, rather than vote "no"

If you are unfamiliar with a particular award, descriptions can be found here for AUK awards:

Descriptions of the AFA-B Awards In Exile are here:

Let the voting begin!
- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - 

Kook of the Month

(Vote yes or no)
Ms. Kitty aka Lady Pilot

Clueless Newbie of the Month

(Vote for one)
Tom Swift, Sr. 

Ms. Kitty aka Lady Pilot
none of the above

Coward of the Month

(Vote for one)
Ms. Kitty aka Lady Pilot

Paul G. Derbyshire
neither of the above

Looney Maroon Award

(Vote yes or no)
Tom Swift, Sr.

Joseph Bartlo Pathetic Anal Pineapple Award

(Vote yes or no)
The Colonel

Victor von Frankenstein Weird Science Award

(Vote yes or no)
(Changing IP addresses)
Paul G. "Two-Socks" Derbyshire

Tony Sidaway Drama Queen Award

(Vote for one)
Tom Swift, Sr.

Paul G. "Two-Socks" Derbyshire.
neither of the above

George Armstrong Custer "Kicked @$$" Award

(Vote yes or no)
[Tard] PegBoi] {King of the PeeWees}

Unabomber Surprise

(Vote yes or no)
Goran Radavich aka The Revd.

Barbara Woodhouse Memorial Dog-Whistle Award

(Vote yes or no)
Emmett Gulley, trained by the FB Boycotters

Village Pump Award

(Vote yes or no)
[Tard] Penix aka Alien aka Anonypussy.

Office of Village Idiot

(Vote for one)
The Colonel
Emmett Gulley (incumbent)