Monday, December 3, 2012

December 2012 Nominations

Bob Allisat Memorial Hook, Line & Sinker

[Tard] Penix, AUK PegBoi  Nominated by Account Banned.  Second: Checkmate

Barbara Woodhouse Memorial Dog-Whistle Award

Emmett Gulley, trained by Gary Burnore.  Nomination: Sweetness.  Second: Account Banned
Paul Derbyshire, trained by Account Banned.  Nomination: Checkmate.  Second: China Bleu

Richard M. Nixon Memorial Pathological Liar Award

[Tard] Penix aka Alien.  Nominated by: Checkmate.  Second: Gary Burnore
Lady Pilot aka Ms. Kitty. Nominated by Sweetness.  Second: Sn!pe, Gary Burnore, Cujo

Emmett Gulley Obsesso Award

Lady Pilot aka Ms. Kitty Nominated by Albatross. Second: Sweetness

Office of Darth Bawl 

[Tard] Penix.  Nominated by Account Banned.  Second: Checkmate

Pierre Salinger Memorial Hook, Line & Sinker

Fred Hall, domain name troll of [Tard] Penix. Nomination: Account Banned. Second: Checkmate

Hammer of Thor

Account Banned.  Nominated by Sweetness.  Second: Sn!pe


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